QST offers highly disciplined, innovative strategies supported by statistical analysis and rigorous research.

The firm caters its offerings to institutions, financial advisors, family offices and high-net-worth individuals.

The most advanced expression of QST's research and investment capabilities designed to produce attractive risk-adjusted and absolute returns in both rising and falling market conditions.  This strategy is comprised of rules-based trading models designed to avoid, hedge, or short market downturns while allowing the strategy to take advantage of upside growth potential during attractive market environments.


Each model applies predictive algorithms designed to generate unique and repeatable sources of alpha by capturing underlying trends and anticipating reversals across equity markets and other suitable asset classes.  Robust, multi-level risk controls provide safeguards at the portfolio, model, and position level.  As positions are liquidated, the treasury program seeks out attractive yield opportunities.

QST Systematic Long/Short

A rules-based strategy that tactically raises and lowers equity exposure between 0-100% based on QST's quantitative risk measurements.  It seeks to be fully invested in a diversified portfolio of equities during sustained, rising trends and to protect capital by raising cash up to 100% during high-risk environments where the likelihood of an extended downturn becomes elevated.  This strategy's tactical process is designed to:

  • Protect portfolios from protracted bear markets.

  • Reduce negative volatility compared to buy & hold strategies.

  • Provide attractive risk-adjusted returns in up and down market cycles.

This strategy is available in multiple portfolio "levels" that range from conservative to aggressive to provide investors with the option to choose from various degrees of long exposure.

QST Tactical Equity

The QST Tactical ESG Strategy combines socially responsible investing with a rules-based, quantitative process for managing risk exposure over changing market conditions.  The strategy utilizes QST's core quantitative trading and risk models designed to offer participation in strong market conditions with strict procedures to become defensively positioned when the risk of a prolonged market downturn becomes elevated.

QST Tactical ESG  (Environmental, Social, Governance)



QST offers two primary investment vehicles for accessing its strategies 

Pooled Fund

Managed Account

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